Month: April 2018

Different Coffee Beverages You Can Make At Home

steaming hot coffeeThere are all kinds of different coffee beverages you can try. You’re never going to run out of new combinations, and you’re going to certainly enjoy your favorites over and over once you find them. There are different brands and types of coffee to check out over at There are different types of beverages and of course various ingredients that can be used. Do you like your coffees hot, iced or blended? Do you like lattes, breves or macchiatos?


Cold brew iced coffees are great for those summertime months. Who wants to hold a hot mocha when it’s 100 degrees outside? It is often suggested that you brew iced coffee the night before, but another suggestion is to use instant coffee. Some coffee connoisseurs turn their noses up at instant coffee, but there are some really good brands out there. Add your favorite creamer, like cinnamon roll, almond joy, hazelnut or Reese’s, and you have a wonderful and delightful iced coffee.

You’re going to love this next suggestion. At a coffee shop I went to recently, there is a menu item called the Sandlot, which is a version of S’mores in a cup. There is chocolate syrup drizzled all throughout the coffee and whipped cream on top. You can order it hot, iced or blended. You can make this S’mores in a cup at home. The big ingredient that you need to know besides adding the right creamers is chocolate syrup.

Adding chocolate syrup to any iced coffee has become a mainstay for me. It makes every coffee that much more delicious. My favorite creamer is a cinnamon roll creamer, and adding chocolate syrup makes the best combination. Chocolate hazelnut is also a favorite of mine. Go to to find out all about the best coffee and creamer combinations.

Do you prefer to grind your own beans? You can press a delicious cup of joe, too, and that is perhaps the best way to enjoy coffee. One of my personal favorites is to always ask for a few extra shots of espresso when I’m ordering a cup of joe at a coffee shop. Naturally, you don’t have to wait until you get to the coffee shop to make your drinks a little fancy.

You can do the grinding and the pressing, you can add the shots of espresso, and you can decorate your lattes, too. Might I also suggest the pumpkin spice latte? It is also one of my personal favorites. A cinnamon roll coffee, with or without the chocolate syrup, is my favorite though. What’s yours?